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Lease Process

One of the most common mistakes made is starting the search process too late, which resulted to compromising on what is available in the market. Most of the time it is not something ideal.


Starts planning early. Evaluate your needs and requirements. Trash out the non-essential requests and decide on a project team. Identify a qualified agent early to advise you on the processes and site search. A good qualified agent will be able to advise you and provide you more than just normal real estate transaction, such as the pros & cons of each property, drafting of business plan, clearing NEA pollution control, recommend lawyer, architect, contractors, interior designers....etc.

You need time to clear each milestone. We recommend client to works backward from the target date of operation, making allowance for reinstatement and moving arrangement. This will help you avoid any unnecessary complications, such as overstay.

The timeline chart on the right, indicates a typical lease process and duration it takes to complete a lease transaction from a small unit to a whole building. It serves as a general guide, you will understand your company's approval process and requirements better. Adjust the period according to your needs.

The key point is to plan way ahead. When delays happen, client tends to squeeze their schedule and short-changed themselves on certain important aspects. Provides sufficient buffer for everyone to react and complete each task. Consultants need to get approval from various authorities and lawyer needs time to go through your agreement(s). It is common to experience unforeseen delays along the way.

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